Checking Your GrabTaxi Total Expense

The modern way for getting a taxi ride nowadays is through mobile app services like Uber (RIP), GrabTaxi and Wunder. A lot of people preferred this over personally calling taxis for a lot of reasons:

  • Avoid needing to wait in long lanes for your taxi.
  • Avoid getting rejected by the taxi driver.
  • Convenience of booking your taxi anywhere and to top it off, the taxi picks you up.

Recently, we found out how to get the total amount you’ve spent on the GrabTaxi service which can be helpful for various things like:

  • Planning / Budgeting: Cutting down your taxi expenses.
  • Reimbursing your taxi expenses
  • Evidence of where you went? LOL

Below is a quick guide we’ve created for you.

The first thing you need to do is go to and log in using your Mobile Number.

GrabTaxi Hub Login Page

Next step is to verify your mobile number. If you have GrabTaxi installed in your mobile phone, you should receive a notification with your PIN Code similar to the one below:

GrabTaxi mobile number verification push notification.

Enter this PIN in the form below and click Login.

GrabTaxi Hub Verify Mobile Number

Once successfully logged in, you should see the Grab Hub’s Dashboard.

GrabTaxi Hub's Dashboard

Now, enter your From and To Dates then click Search to get your Rides History.

GrabTaxi Rides History

Click PDF to download your Grab Statement which contains your Total GrabTaxi Expense.

GrabTaxi Rides History Result

You should now see your Total GrabTaxi Expense.

GrabTaxi Grab Statement PDF

Now that you know how much you are expending, you can probably start planning on how to cut down your expenses for your New Year’s Resolution. Enjoy!