Glass and the Three-leaf Clover Ending

SPOILER ALERT: Are you wondering about the Three-leaf clover shown in the ending of the Glass movie? Well, you are not alone. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the three-leaf clover tattooed on Dr. Ellie Stable (Sarah Paulson), the SWAT members and the group of business-like people who all look like they are very much aware of what’s happening. Is there something big that’s coming?

Well, it would have been great to have another movie that explains all what the three-leaf clover organization is for but with the three important characters, Mr. Glass, Split’s (The Beast, Patricia, Hedwig, Kevin, more) and Unbreakable’s David Dunn shown to be dead at the end of the movie, it’s highly unlikely to have a sequel coming. Besides, with the author M. Night Shyamalan insisting that there will be “no more further films in this universe”, then this may surely be the case.

A few more questions you’d like answered before you watch the movie:

  • Will there be an end-of-movie credits shown? I’m sorry, but no.
  • Is there a prerequisite to watching this movie? Watch Split and Unbreakable first. They are both great movies.
  • Will you recommend watching this movie? If you have already watched Split and Unbreakable, I recommended watching it just for the sake of closure. lol. There’s nothing more terrifying than a franchise movie unfinished.