Gotokuji Temple – an Edo Period Buddhist Temple

As my wife is very fond of cute things, we visited Gotokuji Temple in our third day of visit in Tokyo, Japan. The temple is a site to behold and contains a lot of interesting stuffs. You can take great pictures if you are into photography or just fond of uploading great photos in your Instagram account.

Gotokuji Temple Shrine and Totem

Gotokuji Temple is an Edo period Buddhist Temple located in Tokyo’s Setagaya district. It is just 30+ minutes train ride from Central Tokyo Station and about 5 minutes walk from Gotokuji Station. Just about 720+ JPY, as of writing, back and forth. It is famous for being known as the birthplace of Maneki-neko, the beckoning cat. You can see good luck charms hanged in one place, shrines, totems, and more than a hundred Maneki-neko cats. The temple is open from 6AM to 6PM. If you want to know more about the legend, You can find it here.

Gotokuji Temple Buddha and Maneki-neko cats

With the help of Google Maps, it’s very easy to navigate to Gotokuji Temple. Click here to get some helpful tips in navigating through the Tokyo Railway Network if this is your first time.

My wife and I are very fond of taking pictures wherever we go, that said, here are a few pictures from our trip that may entice you to visit this very serene and beautiful temple.