My Top 10 Personal Korean OST Favorites

Recently, I have been having fun listening to Korean OSTs. It helps with my studies as I can’t really understand the language but the melody of these songs really helps in my productivity or just simply in improving my moods. If it helped me, it might help you as well. So here is a list of my Top 10 Personal Korean OST favorites. I hope you like it!

Rank 10: Because This Is My First Life – “Can’t Go” by Ben

Underrated KDrama and OST. It is slow paced but definitely the most relatable KDrama. When I hear this song, it inspires me to take that leap in pursuing life choices.

Rank 9: Hotel De Luna’s “A Poem Titled You” by Taeyeon

Many guitar and piano covers are inspired by this song. It was really hard for me to choose and include only one from KDrama, as the songs created for it are so LIT!

8. While You Were Sleeping – “When Night falls ” by Eddy Kim

I was in awe while watching this – genius story and perfect playlist. This KDrama has it all. LJS and Jung Hae-in in one drama is so much to handle.

7. Crash Landing On You – “Flower” by Yoon Mi Rae

The undeniable chemistry between the lead actors, whose love story is a bit far from reality, is just simply irresistible. You just can’t help watching this KDrama. That aside, seriously, Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk is enough for this song to be memorable.

6. Goblin – “Beautiful”

This song was popularly used for weddings and proposals. I definitely agree that “Beautiful” is one of the loveliest songs ever created for a KDrama.

5. A Korean Odyssey – “When I Saw You”

I am currently watching this KDrama and this song already captured my heart. A story of deity slowly falling in love with a human.

4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – “It’s You” by Jeong Sewoon

Yes, I know! Who would not fall for this song? Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young are absolutely sexy in this KDrama. The song is heartwarming which will make you smile during troubled days.

3. Scarlet Heart Ryeo – “Say Yes” by Loco Punch

While the song may sound upbeat, this will be far from what you’d feel after completing this KDrama. Literally cried for days while repeating the full sound track. Never imagined myself to be insanely attached to this heartbreaking story of lost love. **Hope they make Season 2 for the sake of every person who cried a river.**

2. Itaewon Class – Start Over by Gaho

Start Over by Itaewon Class is my starter track. This song can be highly motivating on a fully loaded day or when you are feeling down. You can play it during days when you have no energy to exercise, it can trigger your mood from a couch potato to fitness beast.

1. Reply 1988 – ” Hyehwadong ” by Park Boram

Reply 1988 is a masterpiece – its plot and OST’s are made perfectly. This song brings back a lot of memories during my youth when worries are not as complicated. When I need to feel serenity, I will definitely listen to this.

So that’s it, guys! I hope you have fun listening to my Top 10 Personal Korean OST favorites.