Owl Village in Harajuku

Harajuku is known for its colorful street arts, fashion, vintage clothing stores, food, cosplay shops and many more – it is home to a lot of Kawaii stuffs. That said, we have visited a cafe which is home to many cute and well-treated owls. We welcome you to Owl Village in Harajuku.

Owl Village in Harajuku - Medium Owl

Owl Village is located in the 4th floor of what looks like a residential building only a hundred meters walk from Harujuku Station. If you are visiting Harajuku, I suggest visiting the place. You won’t regret it. The venue can only accommodate a few people, therefore, we suggest booking your reservation before visiting the cafe to avoid inconveniences. You can book through this link.

Hot Tip: You can request a map of Harajuku attractions from most shops. You can find Owl Village in Harajuku there.

Here are few pictures from our visit. Hope you liked it!