Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Are you a victim of “I have too many things I want to read but I have to do something else” problem? You probably need to go cook, wash the dishes, clean the house and a lot more stuff besides reading. What if you could do all those house chores needed to be done while reading online news, magazines or articles? Read Aloud, a text to speech voice reader will help you solve this problem.

Too many open tabs for future reading.

Read Aloud is a free Chrome Browser Extension that helps you convert text to speech. It is very easy to install and straightforward to use. To start using Read Aloud simply follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: Installation

Install the application by going to Read Aloud Chrome Browser Extension and hit that Add to Chrome button. A popup should show and you must click Add Extension.

Step 2: Run Read Aloud

Once installed, you should see the Read Aloud icon on the top-right of your browser. Open an article you want to read and simply click that Read Aloud icon. You should immediately hear your site being, well, read aloud. ūüėČ



You can also modify some options to your liking such as the voice of the reader, the pitch, speed and volume. I just went with Auto since there are voices in there that make it harder for me to understand.

Locked and Loaded

Now that you are all set, you can finally say goodbye to your browser tab congestion and enjoy listening to interesting articles while doing other important stuffs.