Sensoji Temple at Daytime and Nighttime

Sensoji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is the oldest temple in Tokyo. It can be found at the end of the Nakamise Shopping Street. Being one of the most significant temples in Tokyo, the place can be very crowded in busy days, even on weekdays. Trying to get a good solo picture of it would be very hard. That said, we have taken pictures of Sensoji Temple at daytime and nighttime and noted the time of the day which might help you choose which time would be best to visit the place.

If you want to view a good map of Asakusa, see Paolo’s Top 10 map of Asakusa.

We have visited Sensoji temple at three different times of the day. One at 10:30am, when we arrived. Another between 12:30pm to 1:00pm, after wearing our kimonos. And another between 5:30pm to 7:30pm, after the main hall was closed.

Visiting Sensoji Temple at 10:30am

The place was very crowded, therefore, making it very hard to get a good picture of the temple. Instead of trying to squeeze in and get pictures of it at this time, we decided to wear our kimonos and comeback.

Sensoji Temple at daytime and around 10:30am
We tried our best to get a picture of it without having too many people included.

Between 12:30pm to 1:00pm

The place was still very crowded. That said, we tried our best to squeeze in and get pictures in our kimonos. You can see my wife’s pictures with so many people around her.

Since wearing the kimonos was too uncomfortable for us, probably because of the heat of the sun and the very crowded place, we decided to move somewhere else and just come back later in the day. We went to Tokyo Skytree, in case you are wondering.

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Between 5:30pm to 7:30pm

There were few people left in front of the main hall when we came back. Most stores in front of Sensoji Temple were now closed while some were already closing. This is our time to shine. Time to get those perfect pictures. Fortunately, we were able to get pictures during daytime and nighttime.

While the sun is still up at around 5:30pm

After lights were turned on at around 6:30pm

Less than people moving around the place. Most stay for only a few minutes then leave. A few locals would go up in the main hall to probably pray.

If I were to choose which time to visit the place when we come visit Sensoji temple in the future, I’d choose 5:30pm onwards. You’d be able to take a glimpse of it while the sun is still up and with far lesser crowd then be able to see it with lights on when the sun is down. The temple looks magnificent in both.

After visiting Sensoji temple, we went ahead and visited more places in the streets of Asakusa. The streets were stunning after the stores closed. It looked a lot like Edo Period at night. We will be creating a blog post about it in the future so if you want to be notified, feel free to subscribe. Thank you for reading!