Why Hire a Good Wedding Host?

My wife and I got married last November 8, 2018. A month or two after the wedding, people are still talking about it. A few of the biggest talks is the program and how the wedding host, Paolo Aguilar, handled it perfectly. That said, here’s a list of reasons on why hire a good wedding host.

1. Gain Help on Your Wedding Program

I admit, my wife and I were a chill soon-to-be married couple. One of the things we haven’t really thought of, about two months before our wedding, was the Wedding Program. So when our big day is nearing, we started feeling the pressure.

Meeting our Wedding Host for the first time alleviated the pressure by A WHOLE LOT. Our wedding host came to our meeting LOCKED & LOADED. Paolo already had his plan prepared. He walked us through each part of our program, helping us envision what’s about to happen.

We were also given choices to pick for games.

After the meeting, we got the list of things to prepare for our wedding. A copy of our wedding program was then sent via email afterwards.

2. Put on a Good Show for your Guests

Who wants a boring wedding? NOBODY!

Our wedding host did the heavy lifting. He kept the guests entertained. Everyone had fun participating in the games. Even your typical kill joy (KJ) ninangs and ninongs danced when they were introduced and asked to.

The guests were all laughing, jumping, clapping, dancing, shouting, etc… All emotions out!

3. Retain your Guests

Part of the plan was to retain guests. One, you don’t want your photo and video to have that eerie and abandoned feeling. Two, you don’t want to get all your efforts to go to waste. Three, you just want everyone to have fun and don’t feel the need to go home prematurely.

When everyone is having fun, who wants to go home, right?

4. Organized Photo Ops

To maintain the energy of our guest, our wedding host took it as part of his duty to organize our photo ops. Pictures were taken for each table group before they were sent to get their meals.

5. Receive Everybody’s Well Wishes

Our wedding host suggested handing out cards that asked for messages from our guests. We were advised to read this a year after our wedding which we didn’t. We read it immediately afterwards. =D


Overall, hiring a good wedding host was very much worth it for us. Everyone went home happy and smiling with a lot of memories to take home and share with families and friends.

If you want to hire the same wedding host, here’s a link to Paolo Aguilar’s Facebook page. TIP: Hire his suggested DJ, a perfect sidekick for this awesome host.