NAIA Terminal 3 Alternate Parking

Last Christmas, my wife and I had to pick up one of our godparents in NAIA Terminal 3. As expected, there were no parking space available. The place was just so jam packed with people and vehicles so we decided to park just across NAIA Terminal 3, in the Steel Car Parks near Belmont Hotel Manila and Resorts World Manila. There were a lot more spaces available in the Steel Car Parks for a fixed rate of 40 pesos only!

From the Steel Car Park, we had to cross Runway Manila to get to NAIA Terminal 3. Passing through Runway Manila was a great experience. It’s a no hassle walk to NAIA Terminal 3 since it’s air-conditioned, filled with walkalators and got a nice view at the top. It’s perfect for taking pictures.

Near the Steel Car Parks is the entrance to Runway Manila going to NAIA Terminal 3

If you are picking up anyone from NAIA Terminal 3 these holidays, we suggest parking here as well and just take the mini walk to the airport. Burn some calories, have fun, take pictures at the same time.

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Thanks for reading! Advanced Happy New Year!