Convert Videos using VLC

You are very excited! You’ve just downloaded a copy of your favorite movie and finished transferring it to your Thumb Drive. Now, you and the whole gang went to a friend’s place to watch the movie. Suddenly, the TV says “unrecognized video format“. All hell let loose.

If you are fund of watching movies, you probably have VLC installed in your laptop. Here’s a quick and easy way to convert videos using VLC.

1. Open VLC

2. From Main Menu, Click File > Convert / Stream…

See Convert / Stream highlighted

3. Select Media to Convert by clicking Open media…

Click Open media
Select File to convert

4. In the Profile Section, click Customize

Click Customize
New TV models commonly accept MP4/MOV as the video format so select this in the encapsulation tab.
In the Video codec tab, select the MPEG-4 codec or if you know what you are doing, select your codec of choice. =)
Select MPEG Audio and click Apply. We will talk about subtitles in a separate post.

5. Select Destination Folder and Filename

Click Browse, choose a folder and enter a filename.

6. Click Save

Wait until the progress bar reaches the end.
You should see your video with .m4v extension

7. Change the file extension to MPG

A lot of televisions don’t recognize M4V extension. If you have chosen to convert your video into the MPEG-3 codec, you can rename your extension to MPG and your television should recognize your video.

If you have questions, feel free to comment them below. Thank you for reading!

If you don’t have VLC, you can download it from here.